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"Where were you, when I was young?
I looked at her and said:
"Probably wetting my diapers,
And learning to turn my head."

She was young and pretty,
Her youth was in it's prime.
While I was pushing 60,
And showed the mark of time.

I spend more money on make-up,
Than she will ever know.
Face cream, lotions and hair dye,
So my faded colors don't show.

But I've still got my hormones,
That drive me on ahead.
Trying for that one last score,
To prove myself in bed.

"But you look like a nice guy", said she,
"So, tell you what I'll do.
You deserve one last hurrah,
So I will sleep with you".

"Hot Dang", I thought, "can this be real?"
She's really gonna do it.
I'm sure I got one more in me,
There's really nothing to it.

"I've made love a thousand times," I said,
"Tho not in several years.
And not too well, I might add,"
As I tried to calm my fears.

"But not this time, ain't no way,
I'll let this last chance pass.
I'll go out in a blaze of glory,
I'll do you, girl, with class."

"When I get done, you'll be quite loved,"
You'll say, "You Da Man".
Assuming, of course, that everything,
Goes according to my plan.

"I'll take you out and buy your meal,
And we'll down a drink or three."
There's nothing like Tequila,
To improve the looks of me.

"We'll go back to my apartment,
For a nightcap", I will say.
But we both know why we are there,
Till morning she will stay.

"We'll make love the whole night long,
'Til love has left us spent."
And she'll awake, all smiles, refreshed,
While I'll be broke and bent.

But that's the way it is with me,
That's the story of my life.
But I knew the consequences,
When I took a younger wife.

Oh, you thought I was a lecher?,
Well, I do have some pride.
We play this game all the time,
Me and my young bride.

Oh, my wife is nearly 60,
But she'll be forever in her prime.
For I live with the memory of her sweet youth,
And love in another time.

So if you find your marriage,
Has weathered through the years.
Remember that sex is not down below,
It's mostly 'tween the ears.

So, put your brain to working,
Play games like some young kid.
Rejuvenate your love life,
It worked for me, it did.

- Marv Hardin

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"In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans."

~ Khalil Gibran   
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